Research Team

Ángela Almela Sanchez-Lafuentes PhD, Director of Research

Jon Blum, MPA  is conducting research on automated writing assessment for police training modules using text analysis tools developed by ILE.  Jon earned his master’s in Public Administration at the University of North Carolina-Greensboro and provides police training and technical writing services throughout the USA.

Subhash Chandra, MD is conducting research on suicide notes using text analysis tools developed at ILE. A forensic pathologist, Subhash completed a three-year residency in forensic and legal medicine at Lady Hardinge Medical College, in New Delhi, as well as a two-year residency in forensic and legal medicine at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, also in New Delhi. He completed a psychiatry residency at SUNY Downstate Medical Center (SDMC/KCHC) in New York. Currently, Dr. Chandra is a Psychiatric Resident at the University of Pennsylvania Medical Center. Subhash’s love of teaching is evident. As part-time faculty at the Institute for Clinical Research (ICRI) in New Delhi, he was known for his lucid, emphatic teaching style, and now at SDMC, he is recognized among medical students for his teaching.

Seung-Man Kang, PhD is researching authorship identification and deception detection in Korean, using text analysis tools developed at ILE. Seung-Man is an associate professor of linguistics and directs the English language program at Chungbok National University in South Korea. He earned his MA in linguistics at the University of South Carolina-Columbia and his PhD in linguistics at the University of Florida.

Enric Torrents, MCI earned his master’s in international trade from ISEAD after studying law at the Open University of Catalonia and smart systems/artificial intelligence at Keele University in the UK. Currently he resides in Spain, after having lived for several years in Hainan province of China, where he led Southern China Sustainable Investments Ltd. and Chengmai Artificial Intelligence and Knowledge Engineering. Enric has native fluency in English, Spanish and Catalan, with intermediate fluency in Portuguese, French and Chinese, and codes in Python. Enric is collaborating with ILE to integrate more open source tools into ILE’s text analysis toolkit.

In Memoriam:

Samina A. Khan, MS, MPhil, PhD conducted research using text analysis tools developed by ILE for her doctoral work on indications of suicidal ideation in student essays under the direction of Dr. Ayesha Sohail at the University of Azad, Jammua & Kashmir (AJKU), Muzaffarabad, Pakistan, where she earned her MPhil and PhD. Samina earned her MS in English Language and Literature at the University of Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan. She also held diplomas in educational planning and management, TOEFL, computer science and computer graphics. Samina published in national and international journals. Dr. Khan passed in March 2016. She is severely missed.