Prospective Researchers

ILE offers a venue for new and experienced researchers in forensic linguistics. Researchers benefit from associating with ILE in several ways:

  • access to software for designing and conducting experiments,
  • access to electronic libraries of research literature and legal rulings in American courts,
  • access to forensically-feasible, ground-truth datasets and the ability to enlarge these datasets,
  • commentaries from our IRB on your experimental designs, as well as
  • the camaraderie of other researchers committed to the ILE paradigm for proactive empirical work in forensic linguistics.

We offer association depending on your experience and educational background.

ILE Research Associates are professionals who are established in their fields. Linguists have completed a terminal degree, usually the Master’s or Doctorate degrees in linguistics, computer science or psychology with a specialization in a major field of linguistics such as syntax, semantics, phonology, computational linguistics, psycholinguistics. Law Enforcement, Security professionals, Intelligence Analysts, Forensic Psychologists and other Forensic Scientists (digital evidence, document examination, medical examiners) have completed a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree and hold certifications appropriate to their fields.

ILE Research Associates partner with ILE for specific purposes that are jointly beneficial to ILE and to the Research Associate’s professional career. ILE Research Associates may publish results independently or in conjunction with other ILE researchers.

ILE Research Associates must provide evidence of their education and work experience and a detailed research proposal.

If you would like to become an ILE Research Associate, please complete the following form. Be sure to include information about your current level of education, college(s) you have attended, and your particular research topic. The Director of Research or Associate Director of Research will contact you regarding the application process.

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