ALIAS  software is the primary way for new users to access the forensic linguistic tools which have been transferred from ILE to stakeholder communities.

Access to ALIAS is restricted to trained users. Training takes place at public and private venues, such as:

  • 2010 Troutman & Sanders, Washington, DC
  • 2010 Techno_Security Conference
  • LSA 2013 Linguistics Institute, Summer, University of Michigan
  • ILE Summer Workshops (even years)

Training also has taken place online and in one-on-one telephone tutorials since 2009.

ALIAS data — documents —  are restricted to user accounts; users cannot access each other’s data unless one user gives another user access to his account (username and password).

ALIAS data can be accessed by two administrative users: the server administrator and the ALIAS Technology administrator. These administrators know their role in the chain of custody and only access files when the user has a problem that cannot be resolved by talking the user through steps to fix the problem.

Once ALIAS runs a document through an analysis, the document is locked and cannot be changed or edited in any way. This precaution protects chain of custody and preserves the evidence. If the document must be changed in any way, then a new version of the document must be input into ALIAS and a new analysis must be run. Again, this precaution protects chain of custody and preserves the evidence.