A New Publication Project

The Institute for Linguistic Evidence, in support of its general membership TALE: The Association for Linguistic Evidence, launched new journal, with the first volume in December 2013.

LESLI: Linguistic Evidence in Security, Law and Intelligence provides high-quality, peer-reviewed articles for the linguistic, security, legal and intelligence communities.

LESLI is published by the University of Pittsburgh for the Institute for Linguistic Evidence. LESLI is completely open-source, with authors paying no fees (unless there are special circumstances for editing) and readers paying no fees.

LESLI Editorial Board

Editor: Carole E Chaski PhD
Institute for Linguistic Evidence, Georgetown, Delaware USA
syntax, computational linguistics, language variation, forensic linguistics standards

Managing Editor: Jon Blum, MPA
Force Concepts, Angier, North Carolina USA
technical writing, police training

Editorial Board

Josh Ard JD PhD
Law Office of Josh Ard PLLC
Williamston, Michigan, USA
general linguistics, elder law

Sgt. Larry Barksdale MS
University of Nebraska, Forensic Science Program
LPD (retired), Lincoln, Nebraska, USA
forensic science, law enforcement, security, general linguistics

Ernest Brod JD
Alvarez & Marsal, New York, NY, USA
executive security, financial investigations, psychology of language

Nan Decker PhD
Logovista Corporation, Boston, Massachusetts, USA
computational linguistics, syntax, automated summary

Anders Eriksson PhD
University of Gothenburg, Gothenburg, Sweden
speech, speaker identification, phonetics

David Faigman JD MA
University of California Hastings College of Law, San Francisco, California, USA
evidence law, science and law, expert evidence

Dionysis Goutsos PhD
University of Athens, Athens, Greece
corpus linguistics, standards in forensic linguistics

Randall W. Grubb
Factor 4, Herndon, Virginia, USA
intelligence, law enforcement, financial investigations

David A. Harris JD
University of Pittsburgh College of Law, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
evidence law, criminal law, forensic science

Mark Liberman PhD
University of Pennsylvania, Linguistics and Computer Science Departments
Linguistic Data Consortium, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
computational linguistics, phonetics, linguistic data collection and distribution

Alice D. Lustre JD LLM
California Department of Justice, San Francisco, California, USA
criminal law, evidence law, science and law, prosecutorial science

*Frank Marsh
Federal Bureau of Investigation, Quantico, VA
interviewing, intelligence, law enforcement (pending approval)

Philip T. Mellinger MS
Trusted Knight Corporation
Annapolis, Maryland, USA
intelligence, security, statistics, malware

John Nerbonne PhD
University of Groningen, Groningen, Netherlands
computational linguistics, dialect variation, statistics, text similarity

James Polichak JD PhD
Polichak Legal Practice, Boston, Massachusetts, USA
cognitive science, intellectual property law, trademarks

William Poser PhD
University of British Columbia, Canada
computational linguistics, phonetics, fieldwork

Carl Vogel PhD
Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland
semantics, logic, computational linguistics